Some Of The World’s Famous Serial Killers

Serial Killers 4.jpgSerial killers are prevalent all across the globe. They are from all races and religions where authorities across the globe employ every possible effort to have them arrested and confined in areas where they commit no more killings. Basically, anyone is considered a serial killer if they have two or more killings attributed to them directly. There are numerous explanations that have been given to defining this behavior but it is mostly considered to be a psychological problem.

“The Beast” known by the real names as Luis Garavito was a child serial killer believed to have killed over 140 boys and a total of 300 victims. He was said to have had his operations in the street of Columbia. His main target was street children and in most instances boys between the age of 8 and 16 years. Other cases leveled him was torture and rape to his victims. Find out the list of worst serial killers or visit this website for more details.

Pedro Lopez was also a serial killer in Columbia. His main target was young girls’ majority of whom he is believed to have raped before subjecting them to death. Upon his arrest, he was convicted of killing 3 young girls but it was suspected there were more deaths relating to him. He was known by the street name as “The Monster of Andes”.

Yang Xinhai was a Chinese serial killer otherwise referred to as “Monster Killer”. He used to break into his victims’ house butchering the victims using all sorts of crude weapons such as axes, shovels, and hammers. Believed to have operated between the years of 2000 and 2003, he was arrested and executed in 2004.

In the United States, Gary Ridgway was a known serial killer who targeted mostly women. In his life, he is believed to have killed over 90 victims all believed to have been commercial sex workers. Of all the cases attributed to him, he confessed on being involved in 71 killings where the state sentenced him to life in prison. He was famously known as “The Green River Killer”.

Numerous other serial killers have been on record from all parts of the globe. Majority of those arrested have been sentenced to life in prison while others have been executed. Despite the stiff punishment to the offenders, cases of serial killers still remain with a good number still believed to be roaming in the streets. This is evident from the many cases of victims who are killed and believed to have died in the hands of serial killers. You can read more on this here:


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